Monday, May 26, 2014

Autumn was written in October 2013 for a poetry reading I was unable to attend. Transitions began then but ended today.

Autumn poems
It's getting dark earlier. The leaves have begun changing colors. Some have begun to fall. And I'm wondering if I'll get to fall,too. Not the hurting kind of falling...the loving kind.

The letting myself go and letting him know he's always on my mind and in me I think he'd find the soft hugs, long kisses, saying goodbye and noticing its morning kind of love...

I'm talking about the where in the world did the time go bc it was just 10 and we were hugging good night and now dawn is here and we've gotta go to work with no sleep to just repeat it tomorrow kind...

The getting in the car with no real destination but to just ride and enjoy the changing colors and discuss the changing stages in our love as we grow from talking about events for next weekend to planning our vacation next year kind


And so the green becomes yellow and changes to brown.
Then, the leaf falls.
The sugar is gone and it seems like our love is leaving, too.

We start to drift away from the love we'd founded.
Nightly visits, interrupted by the whirling winds of responsibility, become calls with visits every 2 or 3 days.

Without the intimacy in which our love thrived, questions arise.
I wonder: Was he just another fabrication of the one God promised?
You ask: Was she the one I was meant to find?

We fall into silence when we should be speaking most and as the passionate love drains more...

We fall into winter which can easily seem like death; but, beneath the colorless-ness is new love....

We fall into that buds from the intimacy that was planted in passion but is now nourished by the reality that our questions have been answered.
You are not a love I created in my mind.
I am the one you were sent to find.

We grow into a summer of passion, made stronger by the seasons of our love.

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