Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Red Pen

Idea after idea popped into my head during my commute this morning. Some of them strung together so fluidly I'd find myself cruising down paths of text. On each avenue, I'd lean back in my seat, relaxing into the ride. Without fail, each time, I'd be jolted upright by the sudden appearance of a big, red wall. Braking quickly to avoid impending collision, I'd begin looking for another road paved with thoughts from whatever ideas surfaced next.

As my ability to find new paths grew more and more futile, I surrendered to the need to confront the source of those walls, My Superego. This culprit is HUGE, walks loudly, and carries a red-ink stick. I tend to give in to it most of the time thereby leading a pretty cloistered life. This may be an asset for a single mom seeking to set a good example for daughters; however, for a novice writer attempting to develop prose, it's a major deficit.

The super-constructor of walls tells me: I can't write about that idea. Nope, can't write about that one, either. And, if I wrote about THAT one... After all, what are the moral/relational/emotional/legal/whatever-al implications!?

Enough! I've allowed my red pen to edit a lot of my life. This year, in this space, my written life will be free. I know the transition won't be easy; but, I'm looking forward to enjoying the ride!


  1. Powerful Quiche - sometimes living for others leaves us denying ourselves - not just things - material or otherwise but ways of being> Turn that red-ink pen, those red walls into friends. As you confront each "thing" that gets hidden or left unsaid or unwritten you are claiming a little bit more of yourself. Go for it!

  2. That was awesome, and I look forward to confronting my own "red pen" villain, the Raging Critic. Sits in a big chair all day with glasses at the tip of her nose, a pad and pen in her hand, and a scowl on her face, ready to jot down all of the things I write, say, or attempt that aren't perfect. Looking forward to losing myself in freedom and loosing myself from striving for perfection.

    Thanks Quiche ;-)
    SO looking forward to this blog, and might I say, I have a certain affinity to the name Lorraine.

  3. I love the imagery in your response, Terri! Thanks for joining my journey!!! (-8